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National Ms. Senior America
A History 

The Ms. Senior America organization dates back to 1971 when Dr. Al Mott, a young 20th Century-Fox recording artist, had just graduated from Divinity School and was searching for his ministry by working on a crisis hot line. He realized that many senior women were calling in with problems rooted in a loss of self-worth after having raised their families. Could he find a way to present their stories of adversity, achievement and hope, and thus highlight and honor senior women as role models? The pageant went national in 1980 and today, as Senior America Inc., is the foremost pageant of its kind. 

To increase the impact of these superb role models, sisterhoods of “Cameo Clubs” have been formed in most states. The only membership requirement is to have been a Pageant contestant. The Cameo Ladies provide inspiration and encouragement by performing at VA hospitals, senior centers and nursing homes, and children’s facilities, (and even the White House in 2001), wherever they can help by spreading their vitality and love of life. 

Our Colorado Winner

In 2004, Ms. Colorado Senior America, Michelle Rahn, won the title of Ms. Senior America, an outstanding recognition for Michelle and the State of Colorado.  That year, she also won the "Konze Prize Pin," which was a $10,000 award donated by the Konze Foundation, to recognize the candidate with the greatest impact on needy children in the U.S.   Of that prize, Michelle contributed $5,000 to her charity, "Mothers of Preschoolers," or "MOPS."  Michelle Rahn was the only contestant to ever win both the title of Ms. Senior America and the Konze Award in the same year.

 (From 1997 to 2004, the Konze Foundation recognized non-profit organizations which were the epitome of senior volunteerism in America.  It was funded by the generosity of a childless New Jersey couple, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Konze. Unfortunately, the Konze award is no longer available.)

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2012 Ms. Senior America National Pageant
Debbie Buczkowsk, (third from right)
Ms. Colorado Senior America 2012,
in the Top Ten at Nationals
2017 National Ms. Senior America
Ms. Carolyn Slade Harden
(formerly Ms. New Jersey Senior America)
(shown with Colorado Queen,
 Jeannine Montgomerie, and 
Colorado State Pageant Administrator,
 Rene' Green)
at 2017 Nationals in Atlantic City, NJ, October 2017
2008 Ms. Senior America National Pageant
Linda Holloway (third from left)
Ms. Colorado Senior America 2008
with (left to right) Kay Calvert, Pageant Director,
Lara Carbajal, MCSA 2007, Queen Linda, 
Michelle Rahn, MCSA 2004, and
Peggy Stanlay, MCSA 2006
Michelle Rahn, Ms. Colorado Senior America 2004
Karen Taylor, 1st Runner Up, Ms. Colorado Senior America 2011
Michelle Rahn
Ms. Colorado Senior America 2004
was crowned Ms. Senior America at the
National Pageant in 2004