Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant, Inc.
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The Colorado Pageant

 Please join us in April 2024

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The Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant gives women who have reached the Age of Elegance (60 years of age or above) the opportunity to show their beauty, poise, personality, and talent in a competition that is scored by five judges whose backgrounds are related to their talents (such as singing, dancing, performing, or acting).  Contestants are rated as follows:

Interview: 30%
One of the most important aspects of the Pageant is for all judges to meet each contestant individually. It is during this personal interview that the judges have an opportunity to select a woman whose charm, personality, and conversational ability meets the ideals of Ms. Colorado Senior America.

Philosophy of Life: 20%
The Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant recognizes physical beauty but seeks to emphasize that true beauty comes from within. Each contestant presents a statement that conveys her “philosophy of life.”

Evening Gown: 20%
It is the philosophy of the Pageant that “clothes do not make the woman but rather, the woman makes the clothes.” In this contest the judges observe the poise and grace of each contestant.

Talent: 30%
The talent presentation is designed to encourage talent drawn from music, art, dance, theater arts, homemaking, etc., and demonstrate that talent does not diminish with age.