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Dr. Marilyn Chipman was born in rural Texas in a little town with no hospital and one poorly-trained doctor. Her mother was told that her premature infant would not live through the night. Yet she survived. As Marilyn heard this story told to her repeatedly, she grew up believing that she had a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. 

After graduating with a B.A. degree in Sociology and Psychology and achieving her ambition of becoming a social worker, she married a wonderful pastor and worked fervently in many auxiliaries of the church. When their children entered school she became captivated by the way young children learn which caused her to change careers. She earned a Master’s degree in Education, taught in the public school systems of California and Colorado, and was nominated for the Colorado Teacher of the Year Award. Afterwards, she earned the Ph.D. degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction and began her career as a university professor. Assuming all of her time would be spent with classroom lectures, little did she know the electrifying world that soon would open up for her to speak north, south, east and west across the United States, as well as internationally in London, Singapore, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Germany, and Canada; to serve on educational task forces and governmental initiatives; sit on national boards; publish a college textbook and many articles; work on federal grants; significantly impact the lives of hundreds of students; receive tenure; and become a recognized educational sociologist. She has traveled to 36 states and 11 foreign countries.

The bedrock of her family’s life through generations their Christian faith. Queen Marilyn’s two sons, David Chipman of Florida and Michael Chipman of Colorado both are masterful musicians on church staff. Her daughter, Sarena Chipman James of South Carolina is a recognized Christian playwright and theater producer. Her nine grandchildren have brought much joy into her life. Marilyn has written a historical novel based on the fascinating biography and ministry of her late husband, the Rev. A.B. Chipman.

In her 70s Queen Marilyn, the first African-American Ms. Colorado Senior America, seems to be achieving as much as ever. Retired after 45 years as an educator – 14 years in public school and 31 years on the university level – yet her scope of influence in education, community, and church endeavors remains wide as she continues to mentor doctoral students, accept invitations for speaking engagements, and provide expertise for conferences, church and community events. She continues to be the recipient of multiple honors and awards, including Distinguished Educator of the Year Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Leadership in Education Award. She has a hobby of taking pictures of herself with celebrities and has quite a collection.
Although she now has a crown, Queen Marilyn still loves to wear hats!

Dr. Marilyn Chipman envisions forming an organization, “The Power of Naomi,” based on the timeless Biblical story in the Book of Ruth. Its mission will be to connect, encourage and inspire older women to believe that they still have extraordinary contributions to make in guiding younger generations. Another goal is to compile a small booklet of peace, faith and inspiration to give away freely. Now, as Ms. Colorado Senior America 2021 she endeavors “to represent all the beautiful MCSAP Cameo Club ladies with elegance, dignity, maturity, and grace”.

  Ms. Colorado Senior America 2021 - Dr. Marilyn Chipman
Lori Adams moments after being crowned 2019 Ms. Colorado Senior America
Marilyn with her hats.  

Now she trades them for a crown!
Ms. Colorado Senior America 2021 - Dr. Marilyn Chipman
Queen Marilyn with her children -David, Sarena, and Michael.
MCSA 2019 Lori Adams crowning 
MCSA 2021 Marilyn Chipman
(Photo courtesy of Marla Downer)
Proud son, Michael, hugs his mother!
A new Queen arrives!
Marilyn at speaking engagements.
VP Judy Rowe adding the sash.
The new Queen!
(Train created by Judy Huff)