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Our Reigning Queen 2024   - Andrea Kehmeier
Ms. Colorado Senior America 2023 - Joanie Ryan
Andrea during her Philosphy of Life speech.
​Ms. Andrea Kehmeier, from Conifer, was crowned Queen at the 30th annual Ms. Colorado Senior America Pageant which was held at the Mizel Arts & Cultural Center on Saturday, April 27, 2024. Queen Andrea’s court includes second runner-up, Ms. Marla Downer (Aurora). Other contestants who competed were Ann Agee, Denise Bruschi, Victoria Goodspeed, Michelle Hampton, Terri Mongait, Natalie Oliver-Atherton, Marvel Pierson, and Barbara Solivais. Queen Andrea was crowned by the outgoing 2023 Queen, Joanie Ryan from Aurora.

On Saturday, Andrea took the stage singing “Johnny Sands” a quirky Victorian parlor song accompanied by pianist Alec Steinhorn. It is the tale of Johnny Sands and his loveless marriage to Betty Hague. He enlists her help to end it, but in a surprise twist their plan changes and... well...just listen to find out what happens.

Andrea was born in Pennsylvania, to a decorated WWII pilot and a refined, creative homemaker/active volunteer. During her early childhood, the military relocated them to various installations about every two years. She attended Southern Seminary Junior College in Virginia and graduated as Salutatorian and won the Voice Award. Andrea continued through Penn State University, earning a Liberal Arts BA, and did Masters work in Communication at Temple University. 
She married Richard, a professional geologist from a respected Colorado pioneer family, in 2003 and moved to Colorado which she says, “A dream come true for me”.
Competition this year had 10 ladies vying for the title. Their talent included singing, humor, and inspirational speeches. The distinguished judges this year were Debra Gallegos (Producer and Director), Susan England (Ms. Tenn Sr America 19/20, Ms. Senior America 20- 4th runner up, Ms. Wy. Sr America 2023, Dee Burleson (Singer of Culturas, 2023 and lifetime achievement award winner), Linda Hood (Ms. Utah Sr America 2023, 2nd runner up at Ms. Sr America 23, and Johnny Nichols Jr. (Grammy nominated artist 2022).

This year the pageant was Co-Emceed by Esmerelda Hetrick, Ms. Penn. Sr. America 2019 and winner of Ms. Senior America 19/20, and Linda Holloway, Ms. Co. Sr America 2008, and co-founder of Bessie’s Hope. The Ms. Co. Sr. America Club Choir with solo from lead Annette Germinario, Choir Director – Linda Holloway, opened the Pageant by singing a heartwarming song, “America the Beautiful.” The first act closed with the Ms. Co. Sr. America Club dancers “The Belle Donnes” in gold sequin jackets performing “One.” This performance was choreographed by Tina Miller (Miller’s Dance Studio) and under the Direction of Colo. Club member, Joanne Marabito-Harte.

The pageant’s second act had more than 10 Ragtimers from Colorado Club perform their “Maple Leaf Rag” Tambourine routine. It was spectacular! Queen Joanie (2023) then took the stage to sing her winning song “L.O.V.E.”. And later Queen Joanie took the stage to do her final walk as 2023 Queen. Michelle Rahn, Ms. Co. Sr. America 2004, and winner of Ms. Sr. America 04, along with Emcee Esmeralda Henrick performed “Sisters” with blue gowns and parasols. Other entertainment was from our Judges Susan England who sang “Never Enough” (Greatest Showman) and Linda Hood who sang “What Did I Have That I Don’t Have Now.” 

Contestants then graced the stage modeling their beautiful evening gowns with poise and elegance walking the full length of the stage with turns and poses showing themselves to their best advance. They also presented their thirty-five second or less Philosophy of Life. Then after a presentation of 29 years of Colorado Queens including 2002 Queen Sharon Word and Ms. Sr. America (Honorary) all the contestants returned for the crowning. 

This year’s Pageant team included René Green, Colorado State Pageant Administrator/Director and Ms. Sr. America (Honorary), along with her Chairs, Production Mgr. Carol Swanson - Ms. Co. Sr. America 2009 , Judges Chair and Club President - Yvonne Guzman-Rodriquez, Technical Mgr. and Club Vice President-Judy Rowe, along with Tambourine Director-Cindy Oberdier (Club Treasurer) Trophies/Flowers – Queen 2023 Joanie Ryan, Backstage - John Swanson, Benito Rodriguez, Linda Thompson, Uriah Cobb, Stage mom – Terri Hegeman, Judges member - Michele Estrada Guzman, Camella Landrum, and Karen Gomez Spitz, Pianist-Kathleen Zahller, Photography-Eric Cook, Allison and Christine Hopkins, Lobby and Tickets – DJ Johnson, Marian Fisher, Nancy Pulc, Mark Germinario, DJ Johnson, Cindy Oberdier, and Sharon Perry, Program Book – Shari Ortiz and Jeanne Gormley, and the Colorado Cameo Ladies in our Production Number and Tambourine Presentations.

 What an exciting afternoon! This marked the 30th Anniversary of the Annual Pageant, created to give honor to women who have reached the age of elegance, 60+ years of age. The Pageants theme “Forever Fabulous” celebrated the tremendous wealth of beauty, talent, and experience that senior woman want to share with their communities and each other.

The Ms. Colorado Senior America Club performs at various venues throughout the Denver Metro Area. These ladies are to be commended for voluntarily working together to create such a wonderful afternoon of pageantry. To learn more about the current Queen, or to become a contestant for next Pageant visit

These women exemplify that seniors are the foundation of our nation and an example of what vitality, and a spirit of community can do to help keep America strong.

Queen Joanie (2023) crowning Ms. Andrea Kehmeier 2024
Andrea receiving her sash and crown.
Andrea delivering her talent - singing "Johnny Sands".
Queen Andrea with Rene' Green- Colo State Pageant Admin/ Ms. Senior America (Honorary)
Judges  - (left to right)
 Linda Hood - Ms Utah Senior America2023 and 2nd runner up Ms. Senior America 2023, Johnny Nichols Jr., Susan England - Ms Tennessee Senior America 19/20, 4th runner up Ms. Senior America 2020 and Ms. Wyoming Senior America 2023, Dee Burleson, and Debra Gallegos
The Contestants
Congratulations kiss from husband!